The Freakin' Delicious Steak Sando

Today's Special: "The Freakin' Delicious Steak Sando." Open faced Steak Sando grilled to temp, sautéed collards/mushrooms/roasted tomatoes, whipped red-pepper cheddar spread on top of a Swiss grilled cheese on rye. $16 w/ side choice!


Mediterranean Burger

Today's Special: Mediterranean Burger! Grilled Beef patty, cucumber, tomatoes, olive tapenade, feta cheese, and crows nest ranch, on a pita. $11 w/ choice of side.


The Three Amigos!

Taco Tuesday: The Three Amigos! Fried tortillas one filled with mixed greens in a mexi ranch and tomato. One filled with refried beans and sriracha sour and the final with tequila pulled pork topped with queso and cheddar! $10 w/ side.