We're doing it again! Last Fall's Stag Pint Glass event was such a success that we have decided to do it again, but this time with a twist!

The MRH School District Weekend on Wheels (WOW) Food Pantry needs your help. So,we are doing a food drive, and are going to be giving away a FREE Stag Pint Glass & Beer to anyone who donates 2 food items from this list:

box of plain pasta
canned tuna or chicken
peanut butter
mac & cheese
pasta sauce
canned corn or green beans
canned fruit or apple sauce
box of granola bars
box of pop tarts
box of pop corn

That's right just bring in 2 of any of the above food items and you will recieve a FREE STAG PINT GLASS with some Stag beer in it!

*WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!! So, come early! And bring some food!

Info about WOW:
The MRH School District n a school district where nearly 50% of the student population qualify for free or reduced lunch prices, it begs the question of what families can afford to feed children when they are not in school. For some students, the last meal of the week comes on Friday in the form of a government-aided free lunch from the school’s cafeteria.

To combat this problem, the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District created Weekend on Wheels (WOW). Each weekend throughout the school year, MRH students and staff prepare nutritious food packages to support MRH families in need.

The district-wide WOW Steering Committee is comprised of high school students representing a cross section of the student population, and MRH staff from each of the District’s schools.

WOW also hosts a monthly event called Mouths of Babes in partnership with Parents as Teachers in the MRH Teen Kitchen at the High School. The purpose is to bring young moms together in an encouraging environment to prepare hot, healthy, satisfying, and efficient meals for their families. The mothers are either
currently attending MRH High School or are recent graduates juggling work, school, and the financial strains of raising a family. The Mouths of Babes program relies on the WOW food pantry and monetary donations.